I060 – Disposition

What you will learn ?

How to create a specific disposition.

STEP 1 : Theme list

In the Interface / Theme menu is the definition of all themes available.
When no view are associated to a specific theme, Simplicité offers 3 theme choices : default, light, dark.

Click on the theme and change to choose one.

STEP 2 : Theme parameters

The Theme parameters tab allows to override all presentation parameters, such as:

  • Base theme ( choice between default, light, dark)
  • Addon styles (a specific CSS will be generated after compile)
  • The logo scope
  • The colors of the hearder, the header text, the searchbox, the footer and the footer text
  • The header logo (depending on the theme choice you can invert the logo)



Create a theme:

  • Name = AppTheme
    and change the parameters

STEP 3 : Association with a view

Open a view

  • Home for example
  • Associate Home view to AppTheme

STEP 4 : Test !


Clear the cache and see the result.

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