I040 – field style

What you will learn ?

How to set field style.

STEP 1 : list all field style

Go to the Interface / field style menu to list all the existing styles.

STEP 2: create field style


Click the Create button (+ icon) :

  • Object: either an object name, or * to indicate any object
  • The field: either an field name, or * to indicate any field
  • The value of the field, or * for all values
  • Optionally, the range of values in the case of a digital value
  • An existing HTML decoration or to add to the resource STYLES
  • A possible icon to represent the value
  • A module


Associate a style yellow background to the customer type field when it is = Lead:

  • Object = AppClient
  • Attribute = cliType
  • Value = PRO
  • Decoration = yellowbg
  • Module = MyModule
  • Save

STEP 3 : Exercise

Copy the first style to create others.


First by copying the style of the customer type

  • Associate the greenbg style to the value CTM
  • Associate the greybg style to the value ABO

STEP 4 : test


  • clear the cache
  • View the Customers list
  • Check colors in the Customer Type column


Show different styles depending on the value of the customer’s score using the min / max:

  • 0 to 10: whitebg
  • 10 to 20: yellowbg
  • 20 to 50: orangebg
  • Over 50: redbg

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