I030 – predefined search

What you will learn ?

How to create, save predefined search.

STEP 1 : Save your search

A simple method is to:

  • Go on the business object search form (it needs the preset search option = yes)
  • Enter criteria
  • Click on Preset search on the search form
  • Give a name to search and save (top banner)


Save a simple search A-Customers on AppClient object:

  • which Name starts with A (Name = A*)

STEP 2 : List all preset search of an object

Click on Preset Search to list all your predefined search and the public ones.

STEP 3 : List all preset search of an object

  • Connect with ADMIN profile to list all the predefined search.
  • Go to Interface / Search menu, listing all the research and open the previously saved search.

STEP 4 : Predefined search parameters

A search requires :

  • A business object
  • A unique name
  • a login (the one who created it)
  • Public: flag to indicate whether the search is public or private (visible only to its creator)
  • Filters: Search URL with all filters / sorting
  • Module

You can get the URL of the search with the following syntax:

HTMLTool.getSearchURL(,< params >);

where params is a String representing optional extra URL encoded parameters.

It should also have a translation in each language installed.


Edit search AppCustomersSearch

  • Public = Yes
  • Module = MyModule
  • Save without closing

Translate search

It is needed to create view

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