I020 – Create shortcut

What you will learn ?

How to configure shortcuts

STEP 1 : list all the shortcuts

Go to Interface / Shortcut menu.
The list displays all the shortcuts sorted by order.

STEP 2 : create a shortcut

Add a shortcut, enter:

  • a unique code
  • an URL
  • a destination area
  • an order
  • a module


-Create a shortcut to the customer list:

  • Name = AppCustomerList
  • URL = [EXPR:HTMLTool.getListURL("AppClient","sh_",true)]
  • Target = frame_work
  • Order = 100
  • Module = MyModule

In the javadoc go to HTMLTool class to define different URL

  • HTMLTool.getListURL(...): Customer list with a new breadcrumb (navigation bar in the title)
  • HTMLTool.getSearchURL(...): for a customer search form url for example
  • HTMLTool.getFormURL(...): a customer creation form or updating form url
  • HTMLTool.getProcessStartURL(...): a business process url

STEP 3 : translate the shortcut

Each shortcut has a translation in each language installed.


  • Translate the AppCustomerLists by Customers.

STEP 4 : shortcut grant

From the shortcut, go to Shortcut grant tab and give access to specific groups of rights.

NB: If no group is declared at this level, the shortcut will be accessible to all. A shortcut is public by default.


  • Add right to MyAdminGroup group to AppCustomerList shortcut.

STEP 5 : Test and validate


  • Clear all caches and sessions
  • Test the shortcuts at the top of the screen depending on the connected user

I010 - Configure menu

How to define menu, items of a menu, style

I030 – predefined search

How to create, save predefined search.

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