I010 – Configure menu

What you will learn ?

How to define menu, items of a menu, style

STEP 1 : Main menu

The menu is ordered by domains of business objects and processes:

  • Open the Interface / Main menu
  • Start search It is possible to set several times an business object or a process by assigning it in different domain codes. The display for the user take into account its rights:
  • The right to read the domain, if not all domain content will be hidden
  • The right to read on a object. Otherwise the object is not displayed in the menu
  • If the object has a state model, a submenu allows direct access to each state list
  • The read, instantiate permission on a process will allow to access to it

STEP 2 : menu item

A menu item links:

  • A functional domain
  • A business object, an external object or business process
  • An order in the menu
  • A module

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