W040 – Redirection to specific page

What you will learn ?

Redirect to a specific page at the end of the business process

STEP 1 : Configure END activity

To redirect to a specific page, define parameters at the END activity of the business process :

  • Forward.Page: to redirect to a specific URL with parameters
  • As many values as parameters in the URL
    Check also the rights of the END activity.


  • Edit the diagram of customer creation process
  • Double-click the END activity APPCC-END
  • In the Activity permission tab, check or add the right write permission to the group MyAdminGroup
  • Go to Activity data tab
  • Add data to define the redirect page:
    Group = Forward
    Name = Page
    Order = 1 Value =


    Module = MyModule

The value is the customer update form.
The row_id is a parameter because it has been created during the process.

STEP 2 : Define URL parameters

Each URL parameter is an activity data of the END activity of the business process.


  • Create new activity data on the APPCC-END with activity: Group = Forward Name = PARAM:1 Order = 1 Value = APPCC-CLIENT.Field.row_id Module = MyModule

Explanation :

  • In the APPCC-CLIENT activity: the customer creation
  • In the data group “Field” corresponding to all fields of the object AppClient
  • row_id is the field you want to put in the URL parameter

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