W030 – Add an activity link action

What you will learn ?

Add a activity link action to a business process

STEP 1 : Add activity link to a business process

First step is to create a link between two activities:

  • By the Business Process menu / Activity link / Create button
  • Or via the process diagram, drawing an arrow between the two considered activities (which pre-populates the form of creation).


  • Open the business process diagram
  • Click on the activity link creation icon (chain-like icon)
  • Create a link between the activity CustomerEntry and End
  • The creation form should open in the work zone

STEP 2 : create an action

From the activity link form, click on the action creation (+ icon – create button). Please note that this action will not have any function, otherwise it would be a business action. In this use, it is only a button to put on the activity.


Enter a new action with:

  • Name = AppCreateCustomer-End
  • Enable on form only
  • Synchronous
  • With or without confirmation
  • Module = MyModule
  • Save / Close the popup

STEP 3 : Save the activity link

Save the activity link and modify the diagram to see all the activity links. Save the diagram.

STEP 4 : add a translation to the action

A final step is to translate the action in the installed languages.


  • Translate the action with End creation

STEP 5 : Test the activity link

Clear all the cache and test the activity link.


  • Start a customer creation process
  • Test the “End creation” button before and after filling the form

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