A100 – Create a field type

What you will learn ?

Create an external field type

STEP 1: Access to field type

  • Log on as designer
  • In the Administration menu
  • Click on Field type

STEP 2: List of existing field type

The list displays all existing types on the platform:

  • Digital
  • Phone
  • Email
  • …Etc.

It is not recommended to change these basic types.
It is best to create new external type.
Click the Create button.

STEP 3: Create an external field type

In this form:

  • Enter a unique code to identify the external type
  • Enter a regular expression (java syntax)
  • or Enter a Java method name to call to validate the field (method code of the object), this use is reserved for a control that does not fit with a standard regular expression.
  • Select a module


Create an external type for the customer code to force a 6 numbers or letters in upper case:

  • Type name = CLIENT_CODE
  • Expression = ^[0-9A-Z]{6}$

STEP 4: Change the type of field

Once created, change all the fields which must respect this format:

  • Open the field
  • Defines its type to Validated text
  • Select the name of the field type in the Validation type
  • Modify other properties such as min and max length of the field


  • Open the field cliCode
  • Change its type using the external type code CLIENT_CODE
  • Set its min and max size to 6

STEP 5: Test

After clearing the cache, test your new type by entering a wrong format and save, a valid format and save


  • Create New Customer
  • Enter a code containing invalid characters (dash, accent, lowercase …)
  • Check that a user message appears at the end of the input field (control of the browser)
  • Check that even forcing a “Save”, the server also returns the error to the user.

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  • Static Help
  • Contextual help
  • Help on fields

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How to add a specific action on a business object.

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