A020 – Create a user

What you will learn ?

Create a user and give him rights

STEP 1: Access to creation

To create a user:

  • You have to logon with a user with sufficient privileges (from group such as ADMINUSER_ADMIN)
  • Open the Users and rights menu
  • Choose User and the Create button
  • Or use the Create a user wizard from Users and rights menu

STEP 2: User form

To create a user:

  • Choose a small picture
  • Enter a unique identifier as login
  • Choose a home page previously created. The Home default home page is a view to objects used in the user session, with a search by domain or a global search.
  • It is strongly recommended to create a specific module to store users and their responsibilities

You can also:

  • Fill if needed name, contact details and address in their tabs. It is necessary to enter an email to receive notifications (alert).
  • Adjust if needed min/max lists size to limit the number of rows in lists.
  • Enter interface preferences for menu and standard zones.
  • Etc.

Click Next



  • Create a user with login = pmartin (Pierre Martin)

STEP 3: Choose a group of rights

This step allows to select a group of rights for the user just created:

  • Select Group
  • Click Next

Exercise :

  • Select MyAdminGroup group
  • Add USER_PASSWORD group to allow the user to change his password

STEP 4: Create responsibility

This step specifies the user’s responsibility on the selected group:

  • Complete the period (at minimum a start date)
  • Indicate whether the right is enabled or not
  • Choose a module ideally the same than the user’s

Click Next


  • Enter a valid period

STEP 5: Add another responsibility

This step allows to add another responsibility to another group, or exit the wizard.

STEP 6: Activate user account

Back on the user form:

  • Check Responsibilities
  • Activate the user by clicking on the Activate button, then the user can connect to the application with the login and default password (simplicite)

NB: It is possible to desactivate user access to keep any data linked to his account.


  • Activate pmartin user (while logged designer)
  • Re connect with this pmartin login (do not forget to take the password generated by the platform)
  • Change the password using the dedicated shortcut in the header (if the shortcut is not there it can be added by adding a responsibility to user pmartin on the USER_PASSWORD group)
  • It is recomended to add the same responsibility to designer in order that designer also access to Sales domain

STEP 7: User parameters customization

In the User parameter tab , it is possible to override some values associated with the display specifically for this user like:

  • DISPOSITION: to change site disposition


  • Add Show mobile (responsive ui) parameter to pmartin.
  • Modify Filter module of pmartin.

A010 – Create a module

This document describes how to create:

  • a new application module (Module configuration object)
  • its associated user profiles called groups in Simplicité® (Group configuration object)

A030 – Create a business object

This procedure allows to create a business object with:

  • Translations
  • Access rights
  • Location in a domain